Clickbank Ad Feed WordPress Plugin


Clickbank does not have an RSS feed, but they do have an XML version of their products called the Clickbank Marketplace. I wrote a simple backend for importing this XML file and producing RSS feeds, and then wrote a WordPress plugin that will show these feeds on your blog as a widget. Affiliate ID, number of items, campaign tracking tag and keywords are all available. You’re also able to put multiple ad feeds on your blog in different places, provided your WordPress theme has more than one sidebar.


Installation is the same as most plugins, and if you’ve used widgets before you’ll know what to do. Please contact me if you’re having difficulty or you think something is broken. Here’s a step-by-step:

  1. Download the Clickbank Ad Feed plugin and extract clickbank_adfeed.php
  2. Copy the file into your wp-content/plugins/ folder
  3. Go to the Plugins menu in WordPress and activate the Clickbank Ad Feed plugin
  4. Go to Design > Widgets
  5. Add the Clickbank Ad Feed widget by clicking “Add”
  6. Click “Edit” and fill out the fields, or leave them as the defaults (you will want to fill in your affiliate ID!)
  7. Click “Change” then “Save Changes” and view your site

Additional Information

  • Keywords are specified one per line and can include spaces. The software will use these keywords to search the title and description fields of the Clickbank product database. If not enough ads are found, it will fill the remaining slots with the most popular ads based on Clickbank’s popularity score.
  • Ordering is done by Clickbank’s popularity score. There are plans to add the ability to sort based on commission amount, whether a product is recurring, or gravity.
  • Affiliate ID is set in the widget itself. You can have multiple instances of the widget, so you can use different IDs on different sidebars. Note that my ID is rotated through roughly 20% of the time.
  • Campaign tracking tags are part of the Clickbank hoplink and can be specified in the widget options. I highly recommend using different values on different sidebars so you can track which ones are more profitable.
  • Data updates are done once a day. Clickbank updates their marketplace XML file once a day, so there’s no point in doing it more frequently.
  • Clickbank RSS feed access is coming shortly – this will allow you to use any RSS feed reader to include a Clickbank Ad Feed on your site.