Custom wordpress sites

WordPress is software that allows you to build an entire website or just a blog and maintain it yourself. You are in control of the content and the way in which it is displayed. WordPress makes it easy to add graphics, video and audio to a site, or to integrate with social networks such as Facebook. Check out my custom WordPress packages if you’re looking for a custom site.

Although originally written for blogging, entire sites can be built using WordPress and easily updated by their owners. News posts can be made by simply emailing the content to the site!

The benefits of WordPress are:

  • Self managed website – You can do it yourself! Fresh, on-topic content is important to getting and maintaining search engine traffic and a strong user base. WordPress makes websites that are very easy to update!
  • Fully customizable design – Given a mock-up from a designer or your existing site, I can create a WordPress theme customized to your business. All you need to do is write the content!
  • Easy to add graphics/video/audio – With the click of a button, you can add images, video and audio clips to your site.
  • Search engine friendly – All of my WordPress packages are set up to be search engine friendly. This means more targeted leads to your site.