How to Start sshd On Plesk

I had a client machine reboot today and ssh wasn’t configured to come up on boot. This was a CentOS Plesk machine at my least favorite hosting provider, Media Temple. Secure shell isn’t mentioned in the services section in Plesk, and Media Temple doesn’t have a remote console feature. So in order to avoid submitting a ticket and waiting for Media Temple’s slow support, I managed to restart sshd using Plesk’s web interface to cron (Scheduled Tasks) to start it. Here’s what I did:

  • Got the current server time (it might not be in your timezone) by going to Server > Time
  • Went to Server > Scheduled Tasks and created a new scheduled task 2 minutes ahead of the current server time. The task should run /etc/init.d/sshd start.
  • Wait.

Hopefully within 2 minutes sshd is started. Don’t forget to remove the scheduled task, and ensure that sshd is configured to start on boot (chkconfig –levels 345 sshd start or whatever your distro uses.) Honestly I think Media Temple should have a backend console similar to how other VPS providers such as Slice and Linode do it. You’re paying enough.