Link Log Matcher WordPress Plugin

Power Indexer

Power Indexer is a plugin that gets inbound links indexed by search engines within hours rather than weeks. Even if you have a lot of inbound links to your site, if the search engines don’t know about them, they’re worthless. Power Indexer is simple but effective at making your link building efforts count for more!


  • Increase your rankings by getting pages that contain inbound links indexed faster.
  • Enable the plugin and it starts working immediately.
  • Uses your visitor’s IP address, not your server!
  • Maximum pings per link is configurable.
  • Works with caching plugins!

Power Indexer can save you time and money by getting those precious inbound links counting now instead of weeks from now!


How does it work?

Power Indexer uses a small JavaScript snippet that ensures pages linking to your site are indexed faster, helping your link building be more effective and increasing your rankings! You control how many times an incoming link gets pinged and can see stats on incoming links from the Power Indexer options page.

There is a secondary option that uses a hardcoded iframe. This is for cases where you’re finding users coming to your site with JavaScript disabled. It is incompatible with caching plugins, however.

Power Indexer also rate-limits the pings to occur no more than once every 30 minutes. It does this in a cache-friendly way by using AJAX to find out if a link should be pinged or not.

What versions of WordPress does it work on?

I’ve successfully tested it on WordPress 2.5 to 3.0.

Does this plugin help me build links?

No, but it increases your link building ability! If you get a link to your site
but the page its on is not indexed, it won’t help you rank. Power Indexer helps make the links you DO build count!

I’m using a caching plugin – will it work?

Yes, if you use the JavaScript (default) option.

What’s the iframe option for?

It’s there if you’d prefer not running JavaScript on your site or if you know a lot of your users don’t have JavaScript enabled. Note that the iframe option is NOT compatible with caching plugins.

How do I limit the number of pings that are sent?

Settings > Power Indexer. You can change the maximum number of times an incoming link is pinged. The default is 10.

How does the rate limiting work?

By default Power Indexer limits pings to no less than 30 minutes between. If you want to change this, edit the power_indexer.php file and change the default_rate_limit line to the MINIMUM number of seconds between pings. 600 is 10 minutes, 1800 is a half hour, 3600 is an hour, and 86400 is one day.

Does it ping *every* incoming link?

No, only links that are not from search engine result pages (SERPs.) Bots will not trigger the pings either since they do no execute JavaScript or index iFrames.

Will my site get banned in Google for using this?

Honestly I have no idea. I don’t see why it would get your site banned, but
please be aware you’re using it at your own risk.

How do I report bugs and request new features?

Please email me directly with bug reports. As for new features, you can email me those too, although this plugin is meant to be simple to use and un-bloated.