Linux Systems Administration

Linux system administration can be a daunting task, even for developers who work on Linux systems. Contact me for Linux admin work or for a server audit.

Typical system administration tasks that I can help with include:

  • Server Installs and Network Configuration – I have experience with rack-mount hardware, as well as virtualized systems including Amazon EC2.
  • Moving to Virtualized Hardware – I have helped with several “real to virtual” conversions, including moving applications to Amazon EC2.
  • Server Audits – If you’re unsure that your server is configured correctly, or just want another set of eyes, I can help. An audit includes an overall security report, and a look at your mail, web, DNS and resource configuration.
  • PCI Compliance – Most of the PCI compliance scanners report a lot of false positives, so it’s hard to know how to determine what actually needs to be fixed! I have a lot of experience doing remedial work to bring servers up to compliance and can help you with this process.
  • SSL Certificate Management – SSL is what makes your website secure, protecting your customer’s sensitive information while in transit, and ensuring that your customers know they are connected to your site. Getting and installing an SSL certificate is a technical process that is challenging at the best of times. I can help make the process smooth and painless.
  • Web Server Installation and Configuration – If you’re running a website without a control panel of some kind (i.e. cPanel, Plesk) configuring Apache can be difficult and I can help. If you’re looking to squeeze more performance out of your current system by switching to a “lighter” webserver such as Lighttpd, I can help!
  • WordPress and WordPress Mu Installs and Hosting – Installing WordPress is actually quite simple, if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t, you can open yourself up to security holes or end up with a non-functional site. I have a lot of experience with different setups including multiple sites being served from one WordPress instance, integrating WordPress with Ruby on Rails or WordPress Mu installs running 30 sites on one server for an offbrand network.
  • Automated Backups – Nobody likes to lose their stuff. I can configure automated backups for your WordPress installs or code repositories. My preferred method is to back up to Amazon S3.